Glutathione: $50

  • A master antioxidant that allows you to look bright and fresh by reducing inflammation. Glutathione is also utilized for skin, anti-aging, and increasing energy and metabolism. This supplement is an excellent addition to any of our infusions!
  • The price is for 1000mg of Glutathione. Price is subject to change for higher doses.

Methyl B12: $30

  • An instant energy booster and perfect addition to any of our drips! B12 not only increases your energy levels, but it is also beneficial to those with anemia, is cardio-protective, improves mood and helps with post-work out recovery

Carnitine: $35

  • An amino acid that assists the body in turning fat into energy and can enhance weight loss, reduce cravings, and increase energy levels! Add to any IV

Amino blend: $40

  • Anti-aging, strengthens skin and collagen production, improves energy.

Vitamin D shot: $35

  • Get your sunshine in your brain shot! Vitamin D is best known for strengthening our bones, enhancing our mood by increasing our levels of serotonin and dopamine, supporting our immune system and combats fatigue!

Metabolism Kickstart: $35

  • Lipo-mino injections are a complement to your nutritional and exercise efforts and should be used in conjunction to kickstart results. Together, you may see results faster than you thought possible. The Metabolism kickstart contains a lipotropic blend to help turn fats, carbohydrates, and sugars, into energy and B-vitamins to help further facilitate fat loss. It also helps decrease your appetite and increase metabolism. The carnitine in this injection will help reduce recovery time and promote muscle growth. The injections are taking weekely for 4-12 weeks depending on each individualized plan.

Biotin: $35

  • Biotin a B-vitamin complex and is associated with improving the strength, appearance, and overall health of the skin, hair, and nails. Add to any IV for that extra glow!

Zofran: 30$

  • Anti-emetic medication best used for nausea, vomiting, hangovers, acute illness, headaches or food poisoning.

Toradol: $30

  • An anti-inflammatory medication that helps with body aches, post work out recovery, headaches, hangovers, and pain.

Upgrade an Infusion to a 1L bag for $30

The All in One Mission Wellness Complete $600

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If booking a infusion the tests are $50 each or 3 for $125

Packages: Per person Not for groups

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