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We are Passionate Doctors in New Jersey

NJ Mobile IV is here to help give you EASY access to IV Therapy from the comfort of your home. We can also come to your place of business, work event, or special celebrations such as bachelor/bachelorette party, golf outing, ladies/guys night etc.

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Wellness Boosters

IV nutrition provides nutrients in quantities to improve health conditions, help with antiaging,
and to boost immunity. There are various types which can be adjusted based on a
person’s specific needs or concerns.

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IV High-Dose Vitamin-C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that plays a role in overall wellness and immune health. This powerful antioxidant is not produced by the body but can be easily found in many foods, especially citrus fruits.

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Our IV Therapy Offerings

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About Us

We believe that in order to get the better answers to improving your health we must work together to ask better questions (get the right testing done)

The standard of care in today’s traditional medicine clinic is just not cutting it any longer

We also believe that you can achieve optimal health faster with IV therapy.  IV therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream at levels that are not achievable when just taking supplements. IV therapy can provide cells with nutrients to help regenerate and promote more of your cells to operate at optimal performance.

When we talk about health we always have to talk about the gut. Sometimes our stomach unable to properly absorb nutrients. IV therapy is able to bypass the digestive tract,  distributing nutrients directly into the bloodstream.  Additionally, when nutrients are delivered via IV into the bloodstream they are able to get into the mitochondria which is the powerhouse of each cell. Overall IV therapy can be beneficial for anyone!

Wound healing, Detox, reduced inflammation, Immune Boost, better hydration,stress, hangover, energy, repair and recovery, skincare, collagen production and more.

What More Can You Get!

How Does Mobile IV therapy work?

A nurse will arrive at your location with all the equipment needed for treatment. All you have to do is wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes so we can have access to your arms. You should expect to remain seated for the duration of your treatment, which typically lasts between 20-35 minutes. There is no downtime after your infusion. You can resume your normal activities following treatment.

We bring IV therapy and Functional Medicine services right to you!

We are a mobile IV therapy company that brings IV treatments directly to you, wherever you are. We also offer a variety of wellness services and products performed by licensed clinicians at home or shipped directly to you.

Who can Benefit from Functional Medicine?

EVERYONE! Anyone looking to heal themselves in a holistic manner and reclaim their health and vitality can gain from Functional Medicine. However, Functional Medicine can be especially beneficial to people with specific conditions. Such as,

We also offer Personalized Functional Medicine Consulting:

Frequently Asked Questions.

IV hydration is the administration of vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream which bypasses the GI tract and are able to be absorbed immediately at full potency. IV therapy provides increased cell absorption and 100% bioavailability of vitamins via IV infusion


Clients can receive infusions depending on their preference. We have some patients who opt to receive infusions weekly, and some do a bi-weekly approach. We recommend at least once per month for overall health and wellness. In other cases, such as acute sickness, stomach bug or other illnesses that take a toll on the body we recommend more frequent infusions can be given.

Most patients do not need blood work to receive an infusion. You will fill out an intake form where the nurse will go over everything with you and if we think you need blood work we will recommend. The good news is if we think you need blood work one of our nurses can do it on the spot!
We also over a Mission all in one Package for those clients who want a more comprehensive approach. This includes
a. 1 IV Made just for you.
b. 30 min Phone or video consultation with NP/MD.
c. Blood panel and review to determine needs.
d. Individualized IV infusion plan tailored just for you.

Infusions can take anywhere from 20-35 minutes depending on the bag size. (500ml as opposed to 1000ml) Effect are usually felt within 1-3 hours after and can last up to 2 weeks depending on the patients and their needs.

YES! We have a Prenatal IV tailed to patients who are pregnant or nursing and those suffering from hyperemesis gravidum.

Unfortunately, IV infusions are not FDA approved and not covered by insurance. However, we do accept FSA/HSA cards!

Our Happy Clients!

"Nurse Rebecca is the best at IV Therapy. I hate needles, but I promise you, there is no pain involved! The Brain Booster gave me so much energy, I felt super recovered and clear. I would recommend trying it out!"
"I am thrilled that Core Therapies opened the vitamin IV center. Nurse Rebecca Powers is extremely knowledgeable and as with all CT practitioners is one of the best. I find that the IVs are a perfect addition to my supplement routine, providing me with extra energy and health benefits by going directly to bloodstream with max absorption. Plus, the friendly, professional services provide confidence. The IV only takes about 30-40 min in a comfortable recliner and is not at all painful."
Roberta H.

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